No problems can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. -Albert Einstein-

Ecotop S.R.L. is a consultancy firm that offers services in the area of rural development, particularly focusing on sustainable agriculture based on the natural dynamic of ecosystems (Succesional Agroforestry Systems).

One of our main focuses is on the improvement of cocoa production systems in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Ecotop's objective is to promote agriculture and agro-forestry as a central axis for sustainable development in tropical regions, considering food security, biodiversity and resiliance of impacts of climate change.

  • Ecotop's multi-disciplinary team has recognised experience in the training of farmers, technicians and professionals.
  • In the Bolivian tropics (Alto Beni) it has facilities for the realisation of courses and seminars that include agro-forest plantations (production of staple food, cocoa, banana, orange production, high value woods and others).
  • Ecotop offers intensive courses in agricultural systems employing natural processes in species succession and advice to individuals and farmers' associations as well as to enterprises in the production, processing, marketing and implementation of internal control systems for independent certification (ecological, rainforest or others) of crops.