What does Ecotop offer

Sustainable Production Systems

  • Conceptual and technical assistance for the establishment of sustainable (successional agro-forestry) systems employing natural processes in species succession.
  • Assessment for the organisation and management of production systems (for a possible certification as organic, rainforest, UTZ or other labels).
  • Capacity building and training of technicians and trainers.
  • Designing of training programs in agro-ecology.

Quality Control Assistance

  • Advice to organizations/farmers' associations for the establishment of internal quality control systems required for obtaining the certification of their production.
  • Training of technical staff so that they perform the internal quality controls.
  • Technical assistance to local control and certification entities for ISO 65 accreditations, European Union regulations and others.
  • Courses for internal inspectors.

Project Development

  • Designing of rural development projects within the scope of sustainable agriculture.
  • Designing and executing of training programs in agro-ecology.
  • Preparation of educational material in agro-ecology.
  • Monitoring and evaluating programs and projects.
  • Systematisation and documentation of experience.